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Can a mucuous retention cyst affect the eyes?

I have posted on other forums. I do not have a diagnosis. I am frustrated and confused. I hope someone could help clear up a question.
One symptom I have is tired, sore eyes (4 months) The first 2-3 weeks I had slight horiontal back and forth movementin both eyes. My nose is usually runny. My eyes tear up easily.
I want to see an ENT doctor because of my MRI results.
It says "probable mucuos retention cyst in right maxillary sinus with mild mucual thickening of the ethmoid air cells". My family doctor says in short- that this is a waste of time. Should I have the cyst checked out?
I have been to an opthamologist- eyes are O.K.
Thank you in advance for any advise

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Your symptoms are too general and vague to even hazzard a diagnosis.

Generally those mucous retention cysts do not require treatment. The ideal thing would be to call the ENT that saw you and ask him/her.

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