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Can controlled lazy eyes but have vision problem


i am 27 years old. I am aware that i have both lazy eyes right and left but in some condition i still can control my eyes to focus and look like a normal eyes orientation( i mean both can be not lazy eyes as well). The problem is, when i keep control my both eyes try to not be lazy it makes my eyes tired and make me feel uncomfortable. The other thing is, when i used only one eyes at a time, my vision is clearer than when i used and control both eyes. This situation force the other eye to be the lazy eye. Simple say is my vision better used only one eye (while the other become lazy) to see rather than vision when i control both eyes not to be lazy. Tried see local eye expert but he said nothing can be done about my problem. Is there anything that i can do to control my eyes to stay focus and have a clearer vision?  
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If the problem is one of eye mis-alignment, you need to see an ophthalmologist who specializes in eye muscle disorders such as a strabismus expert.  These are usually pediatric ophthalmologists, but they treat adults as well.  Glasses with prism or eye muscle surgery may help.
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