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Can my eyeglasses prescription change... for the BETTER? Is that possible?

Okay, long story short...

About six years ago (yes, six years ago, I've been busy!), I had my eyes examined. To correct nearsightedness, I was given a prescription for -1 in left eye, -1.25 in right eye. And yes, I still have that prescription from six years ago and that's what it was. I got glasses and all was good.

Fast forward to last week when I broke the original eyeglasses: I went for another eye exam (to get new prescription for new glasses; plus, six years is a long time to wait for to get my eyes checked)  but at a different place than the place I went to six years ago. This time, the prescription is different: -1 for left eye but now -1 for right eye... so my right eye got BETTER? It went from -1.25 to -1 in six years? (I didn't have the new optometrist examine the old glasses during the exam but the optician at the place I'm getting my new glasses said not only were my old glasses the prescription from six years ago, he said it is possible for prescription to change due to better sight.)

Is this possible? My right eye got better? I didn't have LASIK surgery, lol, so how can my right eye be better? I thought it gets worse. The optician did say it was possible but I'm not buying it. Vision is affected by the shape of my eye getting worse (light not hitting retina/lens at right spot), hence, no more 20/20 vision unless corrective lenses are used so did my right eyeball go back a little to its original shape? Has this happened to anyone else?

I haven't picked up my new eyeglasses yet (from a different place than the place I got my eye exam done) but I'm expecting it's gonna be incorrect because my prescription is wrong, wrong, wrong.
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Yes you can get less myopic with time due to the cornea spontaneously flattening, sometimes as the result of early cataract formation and sometimes the "old" RX was just too strong.

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