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Can you adapt to floaters? very worried

I have noticed new floaters (cobwebby and dots) in both eyes about two months ago, been checked out (dilated exam) no PVD (maybe a little bit of jelly lifted at the back of the eye but nothing major) im scared these floaters going to impact my vision forever, can you learn to tune them out in time? they move around alot, i'm very down about them.
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By definition you DO have a PVD.  Lifting of the jelly from the back of the eye is the definition of PVD even if "a little" further separation will occur as you age.   There are many articles, some posted on my home page, about how much floaters bother some people. Most people over time learn to ignore them.  Many of the people that post here about how incapacitated they are by floaters also post they have problems with anxiety, OCD,  and "over worry"    There are a variety of worthless homeopathic drops for floaters that don't work.  There is laser therapy which often doesn't work and usually isn't covered by insurance, and major surgery (vitrectomy) which is high risk, high expense,  causes cataracts.  
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Thank you for your quick reply- yes I am a bit of a worrier, maybe as my anxiety decreases I will notice the floaters less.  
I was wondering if i could ask one more question please ?  about how long can it roughly  take to ignore them ?
Is it normal that it can take several months or even a year? my optician worried me when she said i should have tuned them out in a few weeks and i haven't. i also don't just see them in bright light, I see them in most light.
There is so much variability, it is not possible to generalize. I have floaters in both eyes including a huge "Weiss ring" floater.  It took me 6-8 months to get used to it. Even now when I think about it or talk to patients in the office about their floaters I start to notice my own. The less you think about them and the more you move on with your life the faster they will "go away'
Thank you, what you say makes sense, it encourages me to hear that you got used to your floaters. Thank you for your advice.
You are welcome.  
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