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Can't Wear Contacts Anymore

I have been wearing contacts for about seven years and just recently I have not been able to wear the lenses for more than two days.

Over the seven years i have gone from acuvue 2, acuvue hydraclear, and O2 Optics lenses all with absoultly no problem or discomfort.  Recently I moved back to the O2 Optics lens and they were ok but with a tiny bit of discomfort and were tough to put in (felt hard).  I went back to the eye doctor and told him they didnt feel right and were starting to bother my eyes, so i got moved back to hydraclear lenses.  These were alright for awhile but then all of a sudden I started getting red rings around my iris's and after sleeping my eyes get pink, oozy, and a little puffy.  I went back and was told to go back to the acuvue 2 lenses and give my eyes a rest for awhile because my eyes were irritated.  I gave them a weeks rest and within a few hours of putting them in the red rings were back, so I stopped wearing all together for about a month and a half and i opened another pair to wear.  It went fine the whole first day, no irritation at all,  then after sitting in the case overnight and putting them back in the next day the red rings were back at about 6pm, then after sleeping, pink puffiness for 3 days.  (each time they get irritated they stay that way for a few days)  

I have tried almost everything, new cases, different solution, less harsh shampoo, different contacts.  The condition has gotten a bit better as i can wear the lens for a full day without anything happening, but what could have happened to make my eyes go from completely fine with contact lenses for so long, to basically rejecting them?  
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I'm not an eye care professional, but I've worn all kinds of contacts for many years.  I've had a few contact lens "crises" similar to yours.  My problems were usually related to dry eyes.  (Too much involvement in an activity which decreases blink rate such as reading, computer work or even watching movies can cause dry eyes.  So can many medications.)  I was told several times that I could probably never wear contacts again, but my eyes always recovered after a short time.  Don't wear contacts that aren't comfortable or cause problems.  You might ask your eye care provider about trying Acuvue 1-day moist lenses.
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