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Cataract Surgery, YAG has do be done a 2nd time?!?!

Good morning,
I am 40 years old and had a major eye trauma that caused a cataract. I had the cataract surgery one year and 3 months ago. I started to have very blurry vision and had to have the YAG procedure done about a month after the surgery. Well, I completely lost my perfect near vision from the surgery even though I went with the VERY expensive out of pocket Crystalens and now I have been having increasing blurry vision again and was told that one of the arms of my implant is slightly bent and that my cells have grown again and that I need to have the YAG procedure done a 2nd time! This is getting to be very expensive and I am just wondering how I am at fault for the arm being bent and shouldn't all of the cells been taken care of with the first YAG?! Someone please make me feel better about this additional $800 that I'm about to spend because I am very upset about this whole situation.
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It is time for you to get a second opinion.

Do not have the second YAG procedure without seeing a different eye surgeon.  The YAG doesn't actually 'take care' of the cells that can often stick to the back wall of the natural sac that holds the lens in place.  Rather, the laser actually cuts a hole in the cloudy area to let more light pass.  It's kind of like cutting a hole in a dirty window pane.  In most people, one single laser session works fine.  But when you start talking about repeat YAG work in one eye, well, that's a complicated problem, and you want a top notch specialist handling things.

There is also the question of the 'bent arms' of your implant.'  You need to find out what is actually going on there, whose responsibility it is, and what should be done about it.  

Once again, I strongly advise you not to have any more laser work or any surgical procedures done without a complete evaluation by the best-qualified specialist you can find.
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