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Cataract and detached retina surgery at same time.?


Two years ago I developed a vision problem in my right eye. Notice stringer and floaters and steady loss of vision in the one eye, at the time I was going through a severe depression and I think the stress of that caused or at least triggered the vision problems. Basically I developed a macular edema in the eye.
The problem has gone untreated for more than a year, and during that time I developed a cataract in the eye also.
Now that I am able to afford eye care I went to a specialist for an initial exam to see if some vision can be recovered. I was told that I have a severe cataract which they can remove however a further test revealed a severely detached retina making any surgery futile according to the docter. I have a n appointment with the retinal specialist next week to see if any surgery can actually be done.
I know I let this happen to myself by not taking care of myself. But you have to understand I was homeless for almost a year. and had various other things weighing me down.
Does anyone have any advise or referrals regarding my situation.
Can a cataract surgery be done in combination with a retinal reatachement.??
I'm only hoping to recover some vision in the eye. I can still see with the eye albeit through a very foggy cataract lens.
Or any good questions to ask the retinal specialist next week?
Thank you.
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It should still be fixed so you don't end up losing the eye.  They could do both at the same time if necessary but ideally, you should get one done then the other very soon.  If the cataract doesn't allow the retina specialist to examine your retina well, you should get the cataract done first.  Good luck.

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