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Cataract forming after DSEK??

Is it possible for a cataract or partial capsulation to form on the backside of a lens implant after a cornea DSEK or another surgical procedure?
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In the type of cataract surgery done preferencially world wide "extra-capsular" surgery   the back wall of the human lens is left in place to hold the posterior chamber IOL in place. In about 10% of people, as some point in their life, the posterior capsule turns cloudy, called a secondary cataract or posterior capsular opacification.  Almost never does the IOL turn cloudy. When this happens a simple 5 minute laser procedure takes care of the probem.   DSEK should not cause that and the relationship is surely co-incidental.
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As a follow up I noticed on a recent exam that there was note of a Posterior Subcapsular Cataract 3+. I think that’s what’s causing the light sensitivity and yellowish cloudiness. I’m assuming a simple YAG session would do it.
A PSC (post subcap cataract) is not the same things as PCO (posterior cap opacification)      PSC occure in eye that has NOT had cataract surgery but PCO occures in eyes that have had cataract surgery.
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