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Cataract lens allergy

I am allergic to acrylic and need cataract surgery.  The doctor says the only other substance is silicone.  I got new glasses and had silicone nose pads which caused a rash and blisters on my nose.  I'm putting off surgery because I fear I could have a silicone allergic reaction and damage my eyes.  Have you ever heard of allergic reactions to any of the lenses for cataracts?  Are there other materials for replacement cataract lenses?  I am not allergic to vinyl since I had to have dental work made from it replacing acrylic which burned my mouth.
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When you say allergic to acrylic, what do you mean?  If you are referring to the burning sensation, this is not true allergy, but a side effect.  True allergy implies rash, itching/swelling, or wheezing.  I have personally never seen an allergic reaction to acrylic or silicone intraocular lenses.  These materials are very biocompatible within the eye.  Even patients who had problems with silicone breast implants do not have to worry about the silicone intraocular lens implants.  
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Thank you for taking the time to reply. I had the burning sensation.  It was as though I had hot taco sauce inside my mouth 24/7.  Even after the dentures were removed my mouth burned for several days.  I went through this ordeal for 12 years and 10 months.  I couldn't get any dentist to help me.  I even went to Ohio State University denistry department and they basically said acrylic or nothing.   I also have burning, itching, and rashes if I wear fake furs which are also acrylic.  I cannot tolerate any kind of acrylic clothing or I get a rash.  I had 9 pairs of acrylic dentures that burned before a dentist finally believed me and found a material of hard rubber called Vulcanite which worked for 15 years until the denture broke.  Vulcanite apparently is no longer manufactured so I had to search the Internet for a different dental material.  Nylon was available and worked, but it shattered too rapidly.  Finally vinyl was used for the denture and works wonderfully.  The only lab working with vinyl that we could find was in California.
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