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Cataract post surgery

Had both eyes done with multi-focal lenses.  Have had infection for months now. Surgery was 2/14 and 2/28. Think infections are on the way out now.  The problem is now that I am looking through saran wrap.  Is this going to go away anytime soon? Can't seem to get any straight answers!
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Your surgeon should be able to give you straight answers.  If not, seek a second opinion.  Infections don't last a couple of months in the eye so find out exactly what kind.  You should be adjusted to those lenses within 4-6 weeks so anything you see now won't just go away unless it's a problem that needs treatment and gets treated.  Most common would be posterior capsular opacity, macular edema, and your brain not liking the decreased contrast sensitivity from the multifocal lenses.  Your surgeon should be able to check for the first two and tell you.

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Right, the surgeon!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Just keeps passing me off the OD's
Now on oral and gel drops of steroids.

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