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Cataract surgery

Dr. Informed me to start thinking about cataract surgery in left eye frst, and 4 weeks after on right eye. I was born with high mayopia, I am 60 years young and at present time have D -19 left and D -18 right. 12 years ago I was diagnosed with open angle glaucoma, iop is controlled with Xalacom.  When I was 13 years old was also diagnosed with Stargards on left eye and AMD at 44 on right eye. I have no other problems, am wearing glassess and soft contact outside ( contact are difficult for me to insert. I am in many sport and fitness activities , gym, running, swimming , skiing, mountain biking, windsurfing, hiking... Limitations that are due to non curable conditions I can accept, I am not concern , what am I concern about is what type IOL is best for me. My dr. Suggested Acrysoft IQ Monofocal. I do not have any astigmatism .
Thank you
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I would also recommend the monofocal IOL, don't recommend multifocal or accomodative IOL in this setting.
Best wishes,
Timothy McGarity, M.D.
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Thank you Dr. Timothy McGarity

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What manufacturer and model IOL is safe  and good for high mayopia, -18, -19D?
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