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Cataract surgery anesthetic needle or eye drop

Hi l am having cataract surgery later this year, l saw a youtube video where a guy who had cataract surgery was given a needle either in or near his eye before surgery , l think it was either to numb the pain or to stop his eyes from moving during surgery, he said he had some long term problems from it. If you don't want any needles pre surgery as ananesthetic or keep your eyes still can you have the option of just having eye drops only? . Is most cataract surgery these days needle free and only eye drops used to prepare the eyes for surgery.
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There are two general forms of eye anesthesia:  1. Peribulbar injection  2. Topical.   The majority of cases are done with injections.  If keeps the eye and eyelid from moving and the person does not have to watch the operation being done.  2. In topical drops are put on the surface, an incision made into the eye then an anesthetic injectined into the frong of the eye.   They eye can move so requires the ability to not move eye, you can see the operation being cone which freaks some people out, and there is more pain and discomfort.   A study done showed that people having topical drops anesthesia on the first eye often switched to the injection technique for the second eye. If you have a low pain threshold or are anxious topical may not be your best choic.
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Thanks, is the injection method pity much just as safe, l guess l will be sedated with an injection to the arm and not realise much of whats going on hopefully, how do they stop your head from moving, if l suddenly moved my head for example in a reflex action if l felt pain that could cause damage, is your head restrained
You would need to ask your surgeon. Generally IV meds is given with both types to relax you. In injection type enough is given to put a person to sleep during the injection. The head is generally stablized.
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