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Cataract urgent 2yrs ago, stabbing, pain ow.

N thw 2 yrs ince catact surgery, I  now, inddition have trigeminal neuralgia, pain from both has sent me to eee -a neurologist who has focused her attention of the tri.gem. Pain. After a n MRI of brain, she gave me articles that involve freeing up nerve entrapment of 5th cranial nerve...All the proceedures were varying  into brain procedures , some could cause paralysis of face. none of the procedures would involve relieving the the eye pain.
When I called the eye clinic that did the catract surgery to left eye, I mentioned I had peripheral neuralgia yet they performed surgery anyway.
At this time the dr. Who performed the surgery, erynice before the urgery now will not even take my calls.
Fter neurologist did not want to help eye pain, I thinking should seek more help from that ye dr by finding if
Any disclosures were Inge by me, causing him no damaging lawsuits if this happens. Any suggestions?
Thank you.

This discussion is related to Post op cataract surgery pain .
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I'm sorry, your type of problem is very unique and individualistic and I can offer no useful suggestions. Second independent opinions are often helpful.
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Read my message and this ipad fouls up spelling!
I thank you so very much for responding!
peripheral pains..interesting that 1 area takes over dramatically, leaving other area to abate for awhile. No nerve left unturned...
I am to see Pedundal nerve specialist,ie dysthetic vulvadynia, pelvic, rectal expert staff st.joseph in Phx.
As retired pharm I have time on my hands to research. Nerve block, or rfablations..have been putting out fires...scared to try the C5nerve bandaid..
just need all my drs. to work together...clinical pharm.was my specialty for 33 yrs..18yrs ...
Your father and grandfather are so proud of your generous offerings!
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Best of luck.
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