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Recently I notice that my vision is getting blur than before. I think I might be developing cataracts. I am around 40 and live in Cedar Park, TX. Any suggestion or recommended doctors for this type of check up? Thanks :)
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Yes see an ophthalmologist.  Find one year you at www.geteyesmart.org

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Have your vision checked.  If money is a problem, Walmart or Costco would be a start.
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Presbyopia is an obvious possibility, so the question to Kiok is whether your vision is blury at all distances, or only close up, which might indicate early presbyopia?

What do you suspect cataracts rather than merely a need for glasses, do you have a family history of early cataracts? You are young for cataracts, though they do happen at that age (mine appeared at 49, several years older than you, but still younger than usual). Although Walmart or Costco are  options if the problem can be found by an optometrist, and are a cheaper place to start for most common eye issues, they aren't always as experienced with things like cataracts and often ophthalmologists have a more extensive set of scanning equipment and better tools to see in the eye.  My longtime optometrist was really puzzled by a rapid reduction in visual acuity and prescription change in one of my eyes, suspecting at first contact lens issues. She hadn't thought the minor changes in the lens were enough to cause the issue, she didn't label the "trace nuclear sclerotic changes" a cataract. She eventually gave up and referred me to an ophthalmologist who diagnosed as clearly a nuclear cataract, I suspect he had better tools for looking in the eye, though he also ran a whole suite of scans to confirm there were no other issues. As it progressed the optometrist was able to see the issue as well, before I finally got surgery.

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