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Catract in one eye only

I am 30 years old and have recently been diagnosed with a posterior subcapsular cataract in my right eye only. My left is clear with no signs of any developing catatacts.  The Dr can't really tell me at this point a time line for when my clear (left) eye might also develop a cataract.  I am scheduled for lenses replacment/catarct surgery in a few weeks.  I am trying to decide what lesense to choose: a Tecnis, which 3 specalists reccommened or a standard mono lenses.  My question is will a multifocal lenses function okay in only one eye?  Will my cataract free eye have any problems working with it besides the standard neuroadaption that needs to happen with the implanted eye? I should mention that my current contact prescription for my left is -7.50, so after the cataract surgery I will still be wearing contacts in my left eye.  My right eye's current perscription is -6.50.  The Dr has told me if he implants the Technis it should be fixed to 20/20 if I chose the mono lenese it will be fixed at -1.50.  
I have looked through the archives but am having a hard time finding any posts with people who have had a catract in only one eye.  
Thanks for the help, advice
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I don't use multifocal implants in young patients. That is not to say it's a bad idea. They work in some patients, but in others multifocals don't work quite as well. If the multifocal doesn't work that well, then you will need to have it removed and a monofocal implant placed. Monofocal implants work great. If your left eye is your dominant eye, then placing a monofocal implant into the right eye and leaving it at -1.5 is a great choice as well. Multifocals can work in just one eye, but it's difficult to say. You will see a lot of negative comments about multifocals, and a lack of positive comments. I have implanted numerous multifocals and they generally work well, but every so often will have a patient who is less than thrilled.
I hope this helps,
Timothy D. McGarity, M.D.
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Thank you for the imput Dr McGarity.  My right (cataract) eye is my dominate eye.  I have researched the multifocals a ton.  All of the clinical trials I have read had outstanding results but I have noticed on here that there are no real positive stories about the mutlfocals.  Which makes me very nervous. The Dr I saw stated that they would not use a mutlifocal in an older patient because he felt they could not adapt as easily to the multifocal. What is you reasoning for not generally using them in younger patients?  I am not trying to sound confrontational I am just confused since I keep getting conflicting answers and really what to understand.  
Also it's just a side note but the price for the Tecnis lense is going to be 2500.00.  I know that premium lenses aren't covered by insurance but in doing my research that fee seems a little high.  Does it sound normal to you?
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