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Cause for double vision and macular scar?

Let me begin this by saying that I am only 24 years old.

Six weeks after a routine eye exam and new glasses that were adjusted slightly for acuity, I woke up seeing double images with both eyes. The double vision went away when I closed either eye.

I've had blood work done that ruled out any thyroid issues and have been seen by a neurologist who diagnosed me with "complicated migraines" after my MRI, EEG, and cranial-corotid ultersound came back normal. He doesn't want to believe that my eye issues cause the headaches... not the other way around. I was also seen by a eye specialist who ran $800 worth of tests to tell me that I had dry eyes.

All testing was completed in November 2017, my primary doctor suggested the double vision was related to stress as I was taking 5 classes to finish my degree while homeschooling my two children during the time that my husband was in the police academy.

I graduated, double vision didn't go away. I scheduled an appointment with a different optometrist in March 2018 where we all found out that my vision in my left eye was 20/70, at best. Upon dilation, doctor found a spot in my left eye and referred me to a retina specialist the same day.

There's a scar on my macula and I've been told that there is nothing they can do about it. He didn't believe it was macular degeneration, but he couldn't be certain. There was nothing "active" in my left eye and my right eye looked healthy.

The blind spot paired with the double vision is incredibly annoying. I'm also paranoid about losing my vision which has taken a toll on my mental health. Prism doesn't seem to be helping the double vision and my eyes just hurt from straining to see clearly. No one has any answers for me and it is frustrating.

I'm hopeful that someone has experience with this and can direct me to a better understanding or solution.
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What can we tell. First stress does not cause double vision or a scar on the back of your eye.  Second when you first consulted an optometrist and the ophthalmologist that did all the tests you must NOT have had the macular scar and 20/70 vision because that is a red flag and no one is going to call an eye with best corrected vision of 20/70 normal. So the macular problem developed AFTER you made the first round of eye tests.   So why do you have a scar in your macula? Possible causes:  previous trauma, ocular histoplasmosis,  idiopathic macular neovacularization that has 'dryed' up, previous toxoplasmosis, previous toxocara canis, previous chorio-retinitis.     Troubling the retina  ophthalmologist could not give you more useful information both as to cause and threat to the other eye.      Your options would seem to be:  1. seek a second opinion from a retina specialist about the cause of the problem in the one eye and the chance of the other eye being affected.   Second as to the double vision see a eye MD that specializes in strabismus (eye muscle problems). They are often called pediatric ophthalmologists but almost all do adults.  This would be to discuss your double vision and treatments like eye muscle surgery, contact lens, better prism glasses.
Correct, my vision was 20/20 (corrected) prior to my appointment in March. The scar "appeared" between November 2017 and March 2018. I suspect somewhere around January as I began having issues seeing when putting on make up. I put it off as an issue from double vision. It happened fast and that worries me.

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll look into some of those things and see about getting a second opinion.
And of course protect your good with with healthy living and avoiding trauma to the good eye.
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