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Chalazion and 3-year-old

My 3-year-old daughter has had a chalazion for about a month, her 1st one.  It stopped hurting her after a week or so, an the general eyelid swelling seemed to go down, but the bump itself has continued to be red.  Last week the pediatric opthamologist recommended surgery but when I told her I wanted to avoid it unless absolutely necessary, she told me to do twice daily hot compresses followed by antibiotic ointment applied on the outside of the lid (on the bump) for 1-2 weeks then come back.  We have done so, and after less than a week it now looks like a white head is forming and it's protruding more. It seems sore too.  Is that bad or good? What do we do now?  We live in China where none of the special eye wash solutions are available.  I had a chalazion during my pregnancy that disappeared on it's own a few months after delivery.  But mine was never red and never had a white head.  Thanks so much for your help!
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If it is forming a white head that could be a good thing -meaning the chalazion is beginning to drain.  Without being there to see it however, I would call your doctor.  I agree with trying to avoid surgery as long as possible.
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