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Chalazion cysts - toddler. HELP!

My 2.5 old daughter has had a Chalazion on her right eye since October 2012 (it is Feb 9 as I write now). It is now large red and hard. We have been applying hot compresses for 10 minutes twice a day, cleaning the eyelid with OCUSOFT LID SCRUB and applying doctor prescribed Neomycin and Polymyxin B Sulfates and Dexamethasone Ophthalmic Ointment. All of which have had no positive effect. She now has two more appearing on her left eye; one began December 30 (and is red already), the other began Feb 2.
For the last 5 days we have been applying warm epsom salt compress to her left eye. Seems to not have any effect.
My internet research has produced claims for numerous homeopathic remedies:
Green Tea drink
Green teabag compress
Epsom salts compress
Salmon oil
Fish liver oil
Caster oil
Tea Tree oil
Iodine pill
Apple cider vinegar
Concoction of turmeric powder, honey and cinnamon
Silicea 30C
Hepar Sulph 30C
Staphysagria 30C

I am trying to find clarity as to how to proceed to remedy her current chalazions and prevent them from recurring. Your thoughts would be appreciated.
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Typical conservative treatments with warm compresses and ointments tend to resolve chalazion within 6weeks.  Therefore if they are still persistent and with multiple ones continuing to appear, best to have your child evaluated by a pediatric ophthalmologist to identify any inciting factors and options for more aggressive intervention.
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