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Chronic Eye Redness

  Both eyes, particularly the right, are always red.  Although the I'm experiencing little to no irritation, the redness persist.  Two years ago, a doctor told me that they [eyes] only appear to be tired.  I do have problems getting a good night of sleep.  The redness deminishes only slightly when i'm well rested.  Eye drops (visine, opacon, etc.) help but extended use seem to only worsen the condition.  I've never smoked, drank alcohol, did drugs, and I don't work around chemicals.  What can cause the veins on the surface of my eyes to become enlarged?  
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there are literally hundreds of causes of red eyes, some quite serious. there really is no way to diagnose the
cause without an examination. so i suggest that you follow up with a qualified
ophthalmologist.  the good news is that with a lack of other symptoms the
cause of your redness is most likely minor and may require just a very limited treatment.
you may want to try some soothing warm compress massages to your eyelids prior to bedtime, a few minutes each
eye- this may help.

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