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Chronic dry eye, An Allergy or Something Else

Good Afternoon,

I have been living abroad for the past 11 years and until recently I have had no health issues.  About 3 months ago I developed an eye irratation in both of eyes.  I am 35 years old and in good shape and I live in Peru at about 2400 Meters and the climate is dry.  I have been living here for the past 7 years.  One night 3 months ago I awoke with a horrible pain in my eyes.  I thought at once that it was pink eye (bacterial infection) because I have gotten one at least once a year since I began living abroad.  I had some teramecina and i put it in eye and went back to bed.  I follwed the same treatment for 3 days, but the redness and stinging didn´t go away.  After 3 days I went and saw the local eye doctor and he told me it was an allergy and gave me some naphocel to take for 10 days.  After 10 days the redness and stinging didn´t go away.  Thus, I went back to see the same Dr. and ge gave some other drops and they didn´t work either.  Then i traveled to Lima and the doctor there examined my eyes and told me I had chronic dry eye syndrome and blepharitis.  She gave me an eye scrub and told me to use refresh.  I have been cleaning my eyelids ever since.  2 weeks ago I went to another Dr. in Lima who administered the Schimmer and Dye test and he told me my tears are fine and that I don´t have dry eye syndrome or blepharitis.  He told me that I have allergic conjuntivitis.  He gave me pred forte and a gel to use before I sleep.  I have been using it for over 1 week and half and it hasn´t improved my condition.  My eyes are ussually never sore or irratated at the same time.  2 days my right eye is irrated and then my left eye is irratated for 2-3 days and it keeps repeating.  My eyes sting and my veins are easily visible.  I also wake up every morning with red or blood shot eyes that are a little sticky and it ussually disipates after an hour or so.  .  
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Difficult to tell without an exam so I will give you general info only.  Allergies usually involve itching as a major symptom.  The warm compresses and lid scrubbs as well as artificial tears can't hurt anything so I would continue those.  I would caution against using steroid drops (pred forte) as that could have consequences if used longer than for a couple of weeks (cataracts and glaucoma).  You could try an ointment at night (lacrilube or similar) to see if it helps your symptoms in the morning.

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