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Chronic eye problems for 11 months

In June of 2018 I started having a stinging/sharp pain in my right eye that would come and go, I didn’t worry too much about it at first but eventually I started getting clear stringy mucus in both eyes, I also get white frothy/foamy discharge in the outer corners of my eyes throughout the day, I went to my local opthamologist who took a retinal scan of both eyes and performed a general check of my eye health, he said I had very healthy eyes but prescribed me a general antibiotic (eye drop) which did nothing to help, a month went by and it began to get worse so I went back and he prescribed me a antibiotic/steroid combination eyedrop which also did nothing, by this point I had acquired some new symptoms which are inflammation and redness, foreign body sensation and grittiness and my eyelashes grasp together on the outer corners of my eyes, I went to see an eyelid specialist and he also said my eyes and eyelids look healthy but he gave me eyelid cleansing wipes which don’t seem to do much either, a couple months pass and now o have a crazy number of floaters, I see starbursts and halos coming from car headlights and street lights mildly during the day and worse at night, my dawn vision is terrible now as well, and I get blrurry vision that comes and goes throughout the day, I went to see my GP and she to a bacteria culture and viral culture of both my eyes and they both came back negative for anything, it has now almost been a full year of this nightmare and I’m tormented daily, I have made an appointment with a retinal specialist at Mayo Clinic for May 13th, does anyone have any answers or is anyone going through this as well? Mainly the pain in my right eye, the extreme amount of floaters, the white foamy and clear stringy discharge, and the halos and starbursts around lights.
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I forgot to mention my right eyelid twitches multiple times a day
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Mayo clinic is a great place for a problem like yours.  I believe you will be found to have several problems not just one as floaters would not be related in any way to the problems on the outside of your eye.  Let us know what Mayo says.
You say many problems, do any in particular come to mind?
The problems on the outside of your eye could be ocular surface disorder, if you dig at your eye a lot with your finger "Mucous fishing syndrome", also Meibomian Gland Disease. The halos could stem from a cornea problem or could be cataracts.  The crazy number of floaters a posterior vitreous detachment, retinal hole/tear, retinal detachment, bleeding into the vitreous. The eyelid twitching is not worrisome and is known as myokymia and common as dirt.
Given the fact that all of these symptoms have presented all in the same year often times presenting at the same time, do you believe they all stem from one underlying disease/condition?
Forgive me, I know I’m not a doctor and I trust your knowledge, but does that not seem counterintuitive?
This entire website says we do not make diagnoses or specific treatment or establish doctor/patient relationship.  Many many problems are “co-incidental”.   I gave you my opinion that your symptoms most likely have multiple causes.  Does not mean you could not have some unifying, underlying, as yet undiagnosed disease causing them all. Only that its not as likely.  I really can’t say or add much more.   Let us know what Mayo’s thinks. Best of luck
Thank you for your time
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I have had some of your symptoms since last August described by the ophthalmist who carried out a cataract operation as a "tear film disfunction" and he recommended Hylo-Forte drops and tea tree oil lid wipes. They helped but did not solve the problem. Only a couple of weeks ago an optician doing a sight test identified the problem. It is Blepharitis caused by Demodex mites on the eyelashes. He recommended using a warm compress (just put warm water on a cloth) followed by tea tree oil wipes, twice a day for 10 days. I certainly feel that the problem is easing. The hot compress seemed very effective at easing the discomfort. You could give it  a try.
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