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Chronic follicular conjunctivitis

I'm a 31 year old white male. I've been suffering from chronic follicular conjunctivitis in my left eye for about five months now. I've been tested for a variety of causes--Lyme Disease, thyroid disfunction, sarcoidosis and others. I've also had CT scans to look for the presence of pseduo-tumor around my orbit, etc. I also recently had a biopsy to look for viral or bacterial causes and had a biospy done of both eyes. So far, nothing. I'm being treated with a steroid eye drop that isn't too strong--it apparently doesn't penetrate too deeply to avoid complications. This does help some of the irriation and redness, but both my left eye and eyelids are still fairly swollen and red.

My doctor is excellent and been very dilligent in studying my condition but a reason hasn't been discovered yet.

I'm trying to educate myself on this condition so I can help my doctor in any way I can. I'm hoping that someone on this forum might be able to offer some insights or suggestions.

I've recently read some about MRSA in the news. My wife is a nurse and has tested positive for this bug before and was treated. I've read where chronic conjunctivitis and MRSA can be related. Is this a good path to start down?

I'd take any suggestions you might offer. Thank you.
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I don't believe MRSA would cause your situation - but a conjuctival culture could find it very easily.  Just some other ideas. Rule out parinauds oculuglandular syndrome - can respond to oral antibiotics.  I've also seen patients with cat-scratch disease - also responds to proper oral antibiotics.  Both can cause chronic red eye and swollen lymph nodes.  I recently saw a patient with molluscum contagiousum (viral lid lesions) that can cause follicular  conjunctivitis.  Also make sure to rule out thyroid disease.  Finally some patients can have floppy eyelid syndrome that can cause a chronic red eye.  These patients often have sleep apnea, may rub eyes in sleep and respond sometimes to wearing a cover over eyes at night.  Often the patients are significantly overweight.  Just some ideas.  The MRSA link can easily be checked out with a culture. Good Luck.

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