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Clear,Long,Stringy Goo in Eye Constantly

Hi, I am 31 and as long as I can remember I have had problems with my eyes. Througout the day I have to wash out eyes, out my fingers in eye to remove the stuff- I know this can't be good but it happens so often I have to. It is clear, and runs in the bottom of eye, on eye, top of inside eye, long stringy goo. I can lightly wet a cutip- put in inside corner of eye and spin. The stuff goes from top to bottom. It is such an irritant. What could this be- I went to dr before and they said it was allergies. All the time I dont think so. I have really long eyelashes could that have something to do with it. I cant even wear makeup because it makes much more stuff in eye. Please any advice will help.
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This is called 'mucus fishing syndrome':


Apparently it usually starts because of some kind of irritation, but it becomes an obsession in some people, so treatment inivolves a certain amount of psychological awareness.
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I have had this problem sense I was probably like nine And I'm now 24. It's soo embarassing! Especially when I'm around other people! They're probably thinking, what in the world is that woman doing?! I just wish it go away. . It's soo hard to stop, or just not do it, it's almost like an addicting drug! My eye dr. Told me I had "chronic dry eye" and gave me a few eye drops and said to use them whenever I felt it. Well bs, who wants to put eyed tops in their eyes ALL day?! There HAS to be something else out there for this. I'm so scared that by the time im like 30 or so, my eyes will be all droopy or something from pulling them down all the time. . PLEASE, someone. . HELLLP
Get a prescription for Restasis an eye drop that works very well for most people as far as I know. It has been working for me for the past week when I first started Restasis.
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I would suggest a two-pronged approach to your problem.  

1. You need to see another eye doc who is familiar with 'Mucus Fishing' and who will prescribe serious meds to quiet down the inflammation and irritation in your eyes and make them more comfortable.

2.  After such a long time, you probably will also need the help of a therapist, as well, because bviously, the activity has become sort of compulsive for you, and you don't love it.  Who would?  And you are right: people probably do stare at you, because it is strange behavior.

Here's more info:

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I have this same problem! As of now, it's April 15, 2012 and i started wearing color contacts(honey) in January 2012. On the date of April 13, 2012 i bagan to start having this nasty mucus stuff blind me on the left side of my contact in my left eye. I use my finger to get it out when it moves to the bottom of my eye and it is very slimmy and gross looking mucus stuff. I need help to get rid of it because it is sooooo irritating!!!

p.s. It started after i started wearing contacts.
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It's sounds like conjunctivitis and it's contagious.  You need to get a prescription from you physician to get rid of it.
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stop touching your eyes! it will keep coming back until you stop. what you need to do is get a large bowl and fill it with water. put it in the microwave for 4-5 mins to boil the water, then add about 1 teaspoon salt and stir til you can see the salt dissolve. if the water is too hot to touch, wait for it to cool down just enough to stand the hot temperature on your face. once it is at the right temperature, hold your breath and dip your whole face into the water for 30 seconds, opening your eyes a few times so that the salt water can kill any bacteria that is in your eye and causing it to be irritated. pat your face and eyes dry with a CLEAN piece of paper towel. DO NOT STICK ANYTHING IN YOUR EYE AT ALL AFTER THIS, or you'll have to start again. by the time you've slept and wake up the next morning, you'll notice your eyes will have improved greatly, if not completely.
(repeat if neccesary.)
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