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Clear,Long,Stringy Goo in Eye Constantly

Hi, I am 31 and as long as I can remember I have had problems with my eyes. Througout the day I have to wash out eyes, out my fingers in eye to remove the stuff- I know this can't be good but it happens so often I have to. It is clear, and runs in the bottom of eye, on eye, top of inside eye, long stringy goo. I can lightly wet a cutip- put in inside corner of eye and spin. The stuff goes from top to bottom. It is such an irritant. What could this be- I went to dr before and they said it was allergies. All the time I dont think so. I have really long eyelashes could that have something to do with it. I cant even wear makeup because it makes much more stuff in eye. Please any advice will help.
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they are caused from allergies and contacts, allergies can cause the eye to flush out the allergens and contact lenses can irritate the eye so your eye moistens and causes the "strings"
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I think I figured it out, loose eyelids, when u sleep ur eyes are being pulled open and drying out, and in some cases if u sleep face down your eyeballs are actually touching your sheets, the answer to your problem is medical grade tape, (to tape eyes shut) and stop touching your eyes, good luck and I hope this helps
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These stringy, elastic globs are the worst. I have had many terrible things happen to my eyes from pure stupidity. Flash burn from extended welding with the wrong UV shade...That's good for a 16 hour hell of sleepless, unrelenting agony. I've had countless chips and shards of grit and metal lodged in my cornea which had to be gouged out with a razor scoop by a skilled optometrist...These are especially painful and maddening for about three days. The worst by far are these irritating accumulating sheets, strings, and globs of mystery that form for a month every year when the various plants and crops around here start releasing pollen. It does not help to have pets that persistently nap on my bedding after they have tracked everything from the outside environment right to where I sleep. Contaminant blocking strategies aside, I have done everything from ignoring the pesky globs, to full on assault for half an hour to remove every last irritating piece and my eye is thoroughly ablaze. At one time I was convinced that I was causing irreversible harm as if these globs might actually be eye tissue that was being removed like layers of an onion, or perhaps like a sweater being undarned every time I fished one of these things out, just to produce more globs within minutes. I have no idea what these are, but I know for sure a doctor is the last person to ask about anything that personally afflicts you that isn't life threatening...or if it does not fit the criteria for tests, or a lifelong prescription to a symptom oriented product. Nobody perpetuates the hype of being a doctor like a doctor. Life savers?...maybe some, like a dozen. Not so much when you seek them out to solve a problem for which they may lack training or experience. They are ultimately Technicians who are highly educated and highly payed. That does not assure they are any good at what they do. Many of them act like a decade of school and two years of sleep deprivated training is worthy of life-saver status and title.  
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I live in Seattle - Have been here for years with my Mucus Fishing Syndrome.  No cure to live here.  Where do you live?
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wow and like everyone else i thought i was the only on..

ok so i see everyones stroy is very similar however from what I am reading.. alot of people suffer from this continuously through out the year..


I on the other hand suffer from this seasonally.. betwen the months of june and july, I am suffer from Hayfever during these months, my eyes like everyone else tend to swell up become small and red and itchy! after i give up and decide to itch it.. it feels good yes but after itching i suffer for a few hours because my eye(s) become small! and burn and hurt.. I too have this so called slime discharge from the eyes.. and i tend to stick my finger in a remove it.. but after irritating my eye things just get worse..

What can we tell so far:....
everyone who irritates their eye ends up with a worse situation.. i guess the solution would be to stop yourself from using fingers and ears budds and tissues etc and to use eye drops that clean the eye instead.. i normally use a thick tissue of good quality because they tend to have less flakey/dust coming out of it, i usually make my tissue damp and put it over my eye if it irritates me and hey it works for me..

I have used many eyes drops etc just like many of you! and TODAY i have found one that does work wonders.. FOR HAYFEVER/ALLERGY ... they're called OPTRICOM EYE DROPS i didnt think i could feel peace with my eyes during these months until now! however.. i have only used them once so far and they feel great.. i will be using them for few more days and hopefully report back...




these are some helpful links if you wana check it out and help your understanding.


in regards to you others who suffer continuously best advice would be to keep your eye and surrounding area clean.. use cleansing eye drops and also the hot/warm water with 1 teaspoon salt mixed and disolved and dunk your head and clean ur eye out technique..

iv grown up wishing i could never suffer from this feeling sorry myself.. until i came across this website and having seen people suffer alot worse and through out the year! unlike me.. and all i have to say is im greatful.. and just know that whatever you suffer from someone out there has it worse so be patient and accept whatever it is thats going on with you.. and if you have temporary solutions and it works for you then just keep doing them i guess because atleast it wont affect you and gives you relief for whatever amount of time.


for those who suffer from hayfever.. search via internet etc for any place/farm/shop etc that sell local honey.. you want the honey to be raw and straight from the hive with the pollen included etc.. you need to be having this through out the year everyday.. your body will build up an immunity to this and hopefully slow your hayfever down and in the long term or short term get rid of this.. this is the natural way of doing it.. there is procedures which can be carried out via injections etc via your hospital or gp or sumin like tht where they basically do the same thing and expose you to pollen or watever causes you allergy over a long period of time.. so either way you can choose:


the treatment is stated in the above link


nettle tea is also very good for hayfever so it has been said by alot of people i have yet to try this out..have 3 times a day and it "should" slow your hayfever symptoms down alot! can use tea bags to calm eyes down aswel!

Other helpful tips for hayfever sufferers:

wear shades.. showers help! clean non-flakey tissues, STOP yourself from itching your eyes i know its a challenge hell i need to stop myself.. umm stay indoors.. nose spray and OPTRICOM EYE DROPS you love em!
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See an Opthomologist.  Request that he/she see if you have ocular rosacea.

Check out this article


Hopes this helps anyone who also suffers from this horrible eye disease.
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I've had this since I was 15 (I'm 38 now) and a girl in my class would always ask to borrow my compact w/mirror and I'd watch her dig these things out of her eyes.  Months later, I had the same condition.  Several months after that, my little brother had it, too.  Perhaps it's a coincidence, but I think it could be contagious, whatever it is.
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I have had extremely dry eyes since having Lazor surgery 6 years ago, the pain,itch,redness and hugh clumps of eye mucus,  is never ending and having tried many eye drops which only give 10 to 15 mins. relief, I discovered Organic Castor Oil,I put 3 drops in my eyes and get 3 to 4 hours comfort and it seems to gather the mucus at the bottom or side to the eye, I could not live without.
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Oh i didnt realise it was mucus.  I've had really bad ezcema on my face and horrible dry eye lids so was using a lot of moisurizer.  I thought the stringy stuff was moisturizer and some days i'll pull out loads of it.  The ezcema has been much better lately and I haven't 'fished' for months.  But the mucus has been back the last few days.  

Its total BS to say this is called fishing syndrome.  If there wasnt anything irrating the eye nobody would stick their fingers in there !!  When my ezcema was really bad people used to say i should see a hypnotherapist to stop scratching all the time.  That was BS aswell.  I needed to eat properly and the itching would disappear with the ezcema.  This is the same.  Stop the mucus and the 'fishing' will stop.  Bloody doctors are a waste a space. Anyway thats another story.

So how to stop the mucus, that's the problem.

Couldn't agree with you more! In fact my eye doctor diagnosed me with blepharitis and dry eye syndrome which is the cause for the mucus. Not EFS (eye fishing syndrome) obviously there is a reason that mucus forms in your eyes, you don't stick your fingers in your eyes for no reason at all then it causes mucus. My eye doctor said that the eye doctors on these sites that use the excuse BS eye fish syndrome are ones that are lazy and don't take the time out to do testing such as the tear test which helps in identifying if you have dry eyes or a skin condition that causes dry eyes.  My doctor says if your tear film is inadequate then your eyes generate mucus to protect the eyes since the tears are not enough to do so. You have to fix the problem at hand in order for the mucus to stop. Would love for some of these eye docs to have this condition themselves then they would stop with this EFS diagnosis on anyone and everyone that say they have mucus in their eyes. Unless you have this horrible condition you can't possibly identify with it. Science has come along way and doctors need to stop using their text book basics from the 1930's.
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This actually works...I am 45 years old and have had this problem since I was a teenager.  I tried this treatment twice in one evening and the mucus dried up. It does however need to be done daily, at least for me.  This has been a lifesaver for me!  I was a little nervous at first thinking it would sting but it does not.  My eyes dyed up and feel so much better!
You mentioned in your comment that something actually worked. Were you referring to the castor oil 3 drops in each eye? Are you still getting mucus in your eyes or is your condition completely cleared up now? Thanks
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It sounds like you have GPC (Giant papillary conjunctivitis ) Google it.
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I am 31 and just recently started having this problem... I am happy I found this forum. Someone needs to find a cure. We do not have mucous strings in our eyes for no reason.
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Whatever this problem is, I can pretty much confirm that it's gota be hereditary. The only other people I know with this problem is my family. My mom, her dad, and all her cousins (and me). So I know it runs in at least 3 generations in my family. :\
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I am shocked to find this thread. I had no idea so many have the same condition and have had no luck in curing it. I am in my early 40s and I have had this since I was 15. Many eye doctors have prescribed many things and none have ever worked. I never heard of Mucous Fishing Syndrome, but I will study it now.

My issue right now is that I had a new problem yesterday. I wear glasses and I very rarely wear contacts (maybe a few times per year). I wore them yesterday to go to a water park. After several hours my eyes felt so dry I was very uncomfortable. Eventually the build up of stringy stuff needed to be removed. I pulled some out from the corner of my eye and it was all bloody! I took the contacts out right away, but the blood in the stringy discharge continued for a short time longer. My eyes were red, but no more red than they usually get. There were no signs of trauma. There was no subconjunctival hemorrhage.

The blood really concerned me. Today my eyes are normal, but the whole episode was not.
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To anyone posting that this is Allergy Conjunctivitis = PINK EYE. These are not the same symptoms for everyone here. Pink Eye Symptoms:

•Redness in the white of the eye or inner eyelid
•Increased amount of tears
•Itchy eyes
•Blurred vision
•Swelling of the eyelid
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Constant eye mucous can be due to a tear film imbalance that is usually referred to as dry eye syndrome. There are several possible treatments for this condition, but it is best to start with ocular lubricants or artificial tears such as GenTeal Lubricant Gel Liquid Eye Drops. A complete eye examinaition is recommended to determine the cause.


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Drinking more water can help in overproduction of mucus. Other solutions include:

- Antibiotics to reduce eyelid inflammation.

- Prescription eyedrops to control cornea inflammation.

- Prescription eye inserts that work like artificial tears.

- Closing your tear ducts to reduce tear loss.

- Covering your eyes with a special contact lens.

- Unblocking blocked oil glands. A new treatment called LipiFlo thermal pulsation helps clear blocked oil glands.

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i also have this problem same with gunk in my most that's kinda grey
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This is a problem I've hd also, Put warm salty water in a little container, (make sure to use a fair bit of salt, and just a few centimetres of water) then get a cotton ball and dab it in the container a few times, once the cotton ball is wet try to, or get someone else to squeeze the water from the cotton ball into your eye.
This has worked for me, so hopefully it can work for you guys too.
If you do this is few times a day for roughly 2-3 days the irritation should go away
Good luck :)
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I have been suffering for over 10 years from this!  I just recently read another post that someone stated they started taking hair, skin, and nails pills and that cleared it up within 2 days.  They researched the ingredients and found that SILICA helps BREAK DOWN MUCUS! I just started taking silica supplements and found that it is helping me!!  I'm not 100% better, but can definitely see a difference.  I will be trying the hot salt water bowl tonight and hopefully will continue to see a change!
Can you tell me if you still take the silica and if your condition cleared or do you still have mucus? What about the salt water idea? Can you tell me how you heard about putting salt water in your eyes? I would think that would burn? Any luck with the mucus going away all together? Thank you
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