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Clear Visual Distortion?

Hey there! I just wanted to start by saying this community has been so helpful post eye surgeries, so thank you to everyone for answering my questions.

It's been 8 months since my vitrectomy. My last check-up was in December- the surgeon said everything looked perfect and I didn't need to see him for 12 months. I was seen in January for a glaucoma screen, due to elevated IOP post-surgery. My retina was attached and I experienced zero vision loss due to eye pressure. All good! I have been intermittently checked for any little visual disturbance, only to be told I'm fine.

Due to Covid and not wanting to go near a medical facility unless absolutely dire, I wanted to ask this question. The area where my last detachment was had a lot of laser and I've noticed little visual issues there but always fine. What was once a swimming pool effect (best way I can describe it) is now like a clear bubble thing. It's like a clear distortion in the far corner of my retina, that I really only notice when I blink or when I'm looking at a blank wall. There's no visual loss, nothing black, no flashes. Has anyone had this? Is this (potentially) a result of scar tissue in my retina?
I know the default answer is to get checked by your doctor which yes- but I have a young child at home so I'm reticent to go out to hospital settings at the moment. I don't think it's detached as my previous 4 detachments resulted in vision loss and I don't have that. If anyone has had this or knows what it could be, let me know!

I hope you're all staying healthy and well during these crazy times!
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Hello, I will jump in to offer up my experience.  You can feel free to search on my posts but to summarize.....  I had my first retina detachment in 10/17 in my left eye.  I had my second in my right eye exactly (no kidding) one year later although symptoms of PVD started sooner.   I am very fortunate to have recovered pretty well on both thanks to modern medicine and well trained and caring MD's.  I will say that things are not the same as they were before the surgeries.  I do get some vision anomalies now which I have brought up with my surgeon, opthalmologist, and primary care doctor.   Nothing has ever been found.  My surgeon says that what I am experiencing is not uncommon and could be due to the trauma of the surgeries.    I could go on and on obsessing about this and spending a ton of money trying to get to the bottom of things....but I choose not to.

I have accepted what I have as the new "normal".  Very thankful that my sight was saved.   Going forward, the surgeon has me lined up for annual exams of both eyes.  If anything changes before these exams -  from what I consider "the baseline", I will call and get in.   If what you describe is new that hasn't been checked out yet, it wouldn't hurt just to call the surgeon and get their opinion.   Best of health to you and regards.   Jim
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Forgot to mention...both my surgeries were vitrectomies (no buckles) with long lasting bubble.  3 weeks lying on side for each "event".
Thanks for sharing your experience Jim
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If the area was detached it should be a loss of part of the peripheral vision that you cannot see in, not see through.  Yes people have described visible visual areas after laser or cryo therapy. These are usually projected 180 degrees away from the treated area, so laser to top of eye creates a spot in the lower visual field. That is about as much as I can tell you.  You can use the search feature to bring up the many discussions about post retinal detachment surgery and healing.
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