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Cloudy vision even after YAG

I am a 46 years old male and I have RP. I have had cataract surgery in left eye in June 2012. From day one I had cloudy vision after surgery, which progressively got worse. In November I had a YAG and now I can see good in normal day light but I get glare, at night or indoors under flurescent light my vision goes cloudy just like before I had the YAG. When I look at street lights I see a hazy halo around the light. I have been to see my optician who was surprised to be able to see the outer edges of the capsule through my pupil using the slit machine without even having to dilate my eye. When I saw the consultant who did the surgery he dilated my eye and gave a thorough examination but said every thing was good, the posterior of the capsule was still a bit jagged, he said what the optician saw was the front edges of the capsule. He did not want to do a second YAG to make the opening bigger. He gave me some drops to see if the cloudy ness would go by reducing the size of the pupil. The drops did help a little but made things dark. Do you think I need a 2nd YAG. The dark evenings and indoors are becoming unbearable as I can see better through my eye with the cataract than the operated eye at night. I would be grateful for any advice and wether you think Yag is the only answer.
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please see my other response
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