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"Cloudy" vision in one eye; not a cataract.

I have “cloudy” vision in my right eye. This started about 6 months ago (July 18th 2009) on the morning after I was hit in the eye with a rubber band (maybe just a coincidence?). It feels like there is a sticky film of some kind over the eye, like you would like to wipe off. It feels like the eyelids/lashes are sticking together.

I’ve been to several eye doctors (opticians and ophthalmologists) and still have no diagnosis. I’m still waiting for the last test results from a Macula scan by Retina Imaging Services. The closest thing I can find to my symptoms on the Internet would be Optic Neuritis. See: http://www.mult-sclerosis.org/opticneuritis.html

My vision is “cloudy” in the right eye only, and at its best it is 10% lower in contrast and brightness, and at its worst it is 40% less contrast and 20% less bright. At its worst, I think I would be considered legally blind in that eye. This “cloudiness” varies throughout the day on most days, but also varies day to day. Some days better, some days worse. It’s usually only about 10% early mornings, evenings and night, and at its worst in mid-afternoon around 2 to 4 pm.

Everything looks washed out throughout my area of vision, not just central vision. Colors are duller, contrast is less, dark blue colors seem to “glow” and shiny gold colors have a green ting to them. Also, the right eye seems to protrude less then the left eye, as if it were smaller or sunken in.
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You are correct that it may be an optic nerve problem.  At your next visit ask the doctor to check your pupils prior to dilation to see if there is an afferent pupillary defect.  That would be one indication for optic nerve disease.  Color vision testing would also help.

Dr. O.
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