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Complications after vitrectomy for my retinal detachment

I was diagnosed with multiple retinal tears in my right eye. Assessment note below:
Both eyes show normal eyelids and adnexa normal conjunctiva clear cornea quiet AC normal iris shape and pattern pupils RRR clear lens dilated fundus examination is done and revealed complete vitreous detachment with prominent Weis ring as well as pigment cells temporal retina detachment due to multiple open holes inside extensive peripheral lattice degenerations mostly localized temporally, some inferior holes with low SRF are also present, there are a few supero-temporal laser scars for other lesions, however, the open holes are not well covered with laser, the detachment is involving the macular and reaching up to next to the optic disc.

I had a vitrectomy (PPV + silicone oil tamponade) within 72 hours after I first spotted the issue.

Operative findings:
Spontaneous complete PVD with a temporal retinal detachment with multiple tears and holes in temporal and inferior quadrants at different levels + 2 very posterior breaks temporal to the median raphe + multiple lattice with open hotels at the superior and inferior poles. 360 lattice with holes.

However, 3 weeks after my surgery I was informed that the silicone compressed (and/or leaked) causing small floating dots I notice every time I lie down and settles down minutes after I wake up. The doctors don't seem to know why or how this happened. And I am now told that I may have to have another surgery to remove the silicone and replace it with heavier silicone.

Any help on this will be appreciated.

(SIdenote: The macula seem to have recovered well or so I was told)
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This is not at all unusual, there are many posts here describing the silicone oil breaking into tiny droplets. You either need to get a second opinion from another retina specialist or proceed as your present retina surgeon directs. You are at high risk for RD in other eye and it needs to be watched very very carefully.
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Thanks. Yes, I will soon get a second opinion.
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Best of luck. Remember your most important eye is the one that has not had RD. Take good care of it.
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