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Hello, everyone.

This evening I realized that I have conjunctivitis. Normally I would just shrug and take care of it, but this is the second time in a few months. Last time I had it, I did the whole boric acid thing and that was fine. But is there something else that I can buy? Something that's less labor-intensive? The boric acid cocktails are tiresome.

Also, any suggestions as to why I would pick this up twice in just a few months? Once every three or four years is understandable. But twice in a few months?

I fear there are too many variables to accurately deduce why I have it this time. I spent several long days in a major hospital last week visiting a friend. I stay awake long hours and get little sleep, which takes a toll on my eyes. But in the last week, I've slept every night.

Does anyone know how long pink eye takes to present after it's been picked up? Is there a waiting period? Could I have picked it up at the hospital on Tuesday and it's just now presenting?

Any help and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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You need to see an ophthalmologist.  There are many causes of pink eye from viral, allergic, bacterial, secondary to systemic diseases, etc.

Dr. O.
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Dr. Oyakawa...

Thank you for your prompt and informative reply - it is very appreciated.

I posted here - as I assume most people do - because I am without any kind of health insurance, and am of humble means. Currently, I'm saving up for an MRI (completely different problem), and have no time or finances to see an ophthalmologist concerning a problem whose remedy is already known to me.

I was hoping to cultivate creative and alternative solutions and ideas from the brilliant minds here, such as yours, that post on this forum. An aggressive series of flushing my eye with a 10:1 combination of water:boric acid has already relieved my eye of conjunctivitis. I'm glad that I caught it early.

But my reason for posting here was to answer some of the questions I asked. I do appreciate your time and your expertise. But if I had the means, I would've put down the computer and picked up the phone to make an appointment with an eye doctor.
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