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Considering ICL surgery in the near future - unsure of retinal complications odds

I am 24 years old male, high myope (prescription is about -8.5 for both eyes). I am in general good health and lead active lifestyle. I have lattice degeneration and had a laser retinopexy done once in my left eye to seal symptomatic retinal hole. How much a succesful ICL surgery would increase my risk of retinal detachment? I have red some studies which say that for my prescription the risk for retinal detachment is about 1/500 to 1/1000 so it is unlikely to happen considering I am more likely to die in a car accident or suffer a stroke. I am planning on ICL surgery and it seems a very promising option of correcting my high myopia and reducing my dependance on contact lenses and glasses. Unfortunately I am unsuitable for Lasik. I am aware of all the risks that ICL surgery holds and I am comfortable with them except for the retinal detachment which seems to be quite poorly described in the followup studies after ICL surgery (some of them even question if the incidence of RD after surgery is caused directly by ICL insertion). So by how much would my RD odds increase after this surgery? I have no history of RD in my family nor personal history of such occurence but I am aware that my retina is more fragile than that of an emmetropic person and I am wondering if it could put my retina under great stress. Regardless ICL surgery seems very tempting for me personally.
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See a  Eye MD ophthalmologist cornea/refractive surgery that does all 3 refractive surgeries:  Lasik, PRK, SMILE for a second opinion.  One risk you don't mention is complete loss of the eye with ICL surgery due to it being an intraocular procedure and chance of infection inside eye, also cataract, glaucoma and corneal decompensation.  
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Firstly thanks for your reply Doctor, I will reach for second opinion. Do you think I should disregard ICL as my backup option?
Ultimately it is your choice and how much risk you are willing to assume, like people that choose to climb high mountains or Class V rapids.  If you can find a surgery that can do surface lasik or SMILE that would be  safer choice.
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