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Constant eye spams causes eye strain

I have constant eye spasms that varies in severity, its usually worse at night and not that bad during the day. It it is not my eye lid that is twitching it is my eyeball and the muscles the beat constantly like impulses are sending into my eyes. To avoid these spasms i must have my eyes more open and more strengthened, this causes eye strain. I have had several eye exams and my eyes are in good shape, i don't wear glasses. I have had an CT-scan of the brain and an EEG which all came back negative. since the impulses and twitching in my eye is not related to to my eyes it must be neurological. Do you know of any treatment for these types of eye spasms.. It's very hard to see a neuro ophthalmologist where im from. They only offer advice at hospitals. I don't know what to do accept to live with it. Sunglasses sometimes makes the twitching less exited.
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Unfortunately, I have no advice for you.  Try to see the neuro-ophthalmologist.

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I suggest a visit to a low vision O.D. not because you have low vision, but because of your light sensitivity and the resultant muscle spasms. The light sensitivity may be eliminated with a certain tint applied to lenses (which would be different from the common ones found in the store). I'm thinking you'd probably benefit from either a yellow or orange tint, but have no clue about what % of visible light transmission rate would be best. I'm also, betting that once the light sensitivity issue has been addressed the muscle spasms will stop. You really need a thorough lens evaluation which takes some time, because there are tons of filters/tints to choose from and many levels of lighting that are encountered in everyday life. Most low vision O.D.s are more familiar with dealing with these sorts of things, than any regular eye care practitioner (O.D. or M.D.).
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