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Corneal Abrasion Progress?

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It's been two weeks since I received my corneal abrasion and I just wanted to get some professional opinion as to my progress.

My vision seems to be about 75%-80% back to normal, small lettering and anything far away is still a bit blurry, but I can usually make it out. There's no pain in the eye, the doc said there appears to be no scarring of any sort as well. I use Refresh Tears, as I was told I could stop with the anti-biotics and use regular eye drops now.

Are there any exercises, medicines or foods (been eating plenty of carrots for the carotene, not sure if that will actually help the healing process though) that will hasten the healing process?

Thanks for any and all help!!!!
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If your corneal abrasion has healed without any infection or scarring, you should have a complete recovery. There are no exercises which accelerate the process, and a healthy diet is always good for the eye (especially the retina). Vitamin C is needed for cellular healing but, in general, a heart healthy diet is what we recommend for the eye. Some residual blurry vision may be due to corneal swelling. You could try Muro-128 5% sodium chloride ophthalmic ointment at night. This is over-the-counter; you would put a 1/8 to 1/4 inch strip inside the lower lid of the involved eye at bedtime. You may stop the ointment once everything is back to normal.
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Forgot to ask, is this good? Am I on track or should I go see an optometrist ASAP?
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Thank you Dr. Fazio, glad everything sounds normal. :)

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