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Corneal Injury

Last January 2009 I dropped a meter lead into my right eye.  It pierced the Cornea and nickced the lens.
The already developing cataract blossomed.
When looking at t bright light from a distance I used to see a "keyhole" shape in the light.
This past Wednesday 12/23/09 I had cataract surgery.  
My opthomologist told me that there is a visible scar on the cornea dead center in the pupil.
It has only been two days since the surgery and my vision in the right eye had gone from 20/100+ to less than 20/70.
Is there any combination of meds or vitimins tha I can take to help the scar go away?
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The basic answer is no, you definitely cannot make the scar go away.  If superficial it sometimes can be scraped off or laser off with an excimer laser.  If deeper, a corneal transplant procedure would be needed to actually get rid of the scar.  This would be a complex surgery and your doctors need to evaluate whether you would do better as you are or possibly find an improvement with a transplant procedure, which of course has not guarantee of improvement but a good track record of success.

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