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Corneal sunburn

3 weeks ago I accidentally focused on the sun with my naked eye like 15 or 20 minutes after sunrise.
The sun wasn't bright at all.
I was already photosensitive before but now my vision gets blurry at times and my floaters have increased. I also rarely see dots in my vision when I blink mostly.
After the incident I saw flashes that lasted for around 30 mins.
I used artificial tears (Systane) and at times I used another eyedrop to remedy my redness.
My opthamologist checked my eyes and said that I'm lucky my retina wasn't damaged but my cornea was sunburned.
He also prescribed a multivitamin .
I passed the vision test.
Sorry if my writing isn't that good.
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That was a foolish thing to do. Unless you had a macula OCT its not possible to reassure you that you have not damaged your eye. During the past North America total eclipse we say solar maculopahty that showed up on OCT but not looking at the macula on the surface and from expose the person said was less than 5 seconds at maximum eclipse.
I did not look for 15 mins.
I looked at the sun for around 4 to 6 seconds.
The sun was not bright at the time.
I meant that the incident happened after sunrise.

Any advice?
The opthamologist said my retina wasn't damaged at all.
My cornea on the other hand got a sunburn.
I still seem to be 20/20 .
Could you tell me what I should have checked?
Thank you in advance for your help.
It is highly appreciated
What happened is as follows.
I opened my window to check if the sun had risen yet.
It had  already but I accidentally looked for a couple of seconds as it wasn't bright at the time.
It was like 15 mins after sunrise.
The doctor prescribed some artificial tears and a multivitamin.
The incident was on June 10th.
I apologize for my terrible grammar.
Your help is appreciated.
I know I left too many comments.
The 15 to 20 mins meant that I looked at the sun for around 5 secs .
This was early in the morning (15 mins after sunrise) .

Okay, now I understand.  Since your vision is 20/20 and you are not complaining of seeing a dark spot in the center of your vision and you’ve seen an ophthalmologist and there is specific treatment for solar (sun) maculopathy I would just move and not worry. It’s unusual for such a short exposure to damage the cornea. Any relationship to floaters is incidental
My vision does get blurry.
I have a feeling it has to do with my overuse of eyedrops.
I also feel burning sensation (as if I got shampoo in my eyes) .
The opthamologist prescribed a multivitamin with selenium and Vitamin A, B12 and Vitamin C .
But I actually eat a lot of goods for my eyes like carrots, cashews, etc
I had photosensitivity before the incident anyways but it increased afterwards.
It started to get back to normal recently though.
As for the floaters I only see them in certain lighting so it is not a problem and might be incidental as you said.
Any opinions on sunglasses.
I typically always wear my raybans except on that day when I got the sunburn.
Any opinions on sunglasses.
I typically always wear my raybans except on that day when I got the sunburn.
At times I would feel tension in my upper eyeballs (the top part of my eyeballs)
As for the sunburn I did indeed feel most of its symptoms especially after the incident.
1. Increased photosensitivity
2. Gritty/Dry eyes
3. Tearing/Watery eyes after the incident
4. Occasional blurry vision (started happening recently)
Regarding the sunglasses, I use a type called Solar Shield that I was first given following cataract surgery last year. They are available online through Amazon and elsewhere as well.
The type Mr Presley describes are great. Get the type that have side shields and a ridge to keep sun from getting in the top. They are relatively inexpensive, available in different tints and shades of darkness. They can be worn over prescription glasses and are not very expensive.
What about tension in my upper eyeballs?  Also in my forehead
Also increased eyestrain
If your injuries are as you describe and your ophthalmologist told you that should get better over the coming weeks. No way to hurry it except use of artificial tears.
He did tell me  that I'm lucky to have not been injured, which is good.
The tension only started to appear recently.
It is around my eyes and on the sides of my nose which may be a sinus problem potentially which would actually be good news.
What do you think?
See my previous comment. I’m signing off
I might visit the opthamologist again soon.
Any specific things to check ?
Just tell him/her what you’ve posted here.
Okay, thank you very much for your help.
I know that I can't hurry the healing.
I'll try to visit the opthamologist again and have another check up.
I has a 2nd retina exam .
Doctor said I'm in excellent  condition and that I don't need to check it again. But my eyes still feel irritated and vision is blurry.
Please help
There is nothing I can do to help you. You have had several normal eye exams and I said that the circumstances of your 'injury' are not at all likely to cause permanent damage.   You can get a 'second opinion' by seeing a different ophthalmologist if you feel it worth the time and money
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