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Corrective lenses for macular hole?

I first began to notice some distortion in my Left eye in September of 2004. .However, by March of 2005, the problem was very annoying so I had an examination done by a retinologist. The retinologist diagnosed a macular hole, but predicted I would lose my vision in that eye within a year. By September of 2005, the vision in my Left eye had worsened to about 20/80 and I decided to do something. The ophthalmologist I saw said that there was a small cataract along with the macular hole, and suggested I opt for cataract surgery first. So we did that and  things were much brighter with the new lens, but an eye exam now revealed I was far sighted because the lens was too strong. I went to a laser eye clinic to have laser surgery to correct the far-sightedness and the vision was now about 20/60 in that eye.  But, by the end of 2006 it was down to less than 20/200. When I asked the original ophthalmologist about a viterectomy, he said that it was now too late as the chance of improvement was almost zero.  OK, here it is now 2008, and the eye has stabilized at 20/400. I am wondering if it really is too late to do a viterectomy? Also, I have devised a test which involves looking at some standard geometrical patterns with the affected eye, and recording the results. For example, I use a straight vertical line, a square, triangle, circle and a straight horizontal line. In my case, I see a small bubble in the center of the vertical line, pointing to the right, the square looks like a trapezoid with the right side slanted, the triangle has lost the right leg, the circle is a C, and there is a blank space in the middle of the horizontal line. All of this is repeatable, so the distortion from the macular hole is not random, but fixed. It seems to me that a lens could be ground in such a way as to cancel these effects. Can this be done?
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First of all - I would definitely get a second opinion because it seems to me that you will still be able to have surgery to try to improve the macular hole.  It will never be back to normal but you might be able to decrease the size of the blind spot and possibly improve the visual acuity somewhat.  Sorry there is no way to improve the distortion from the macular hole by wearing special glasses.

Michael Kutryb, MD
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