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Cosmetic Distortion

Good Morning,

I was wondering if someone would be able to tell me why a visual distortion is occurring and how I can prevent it.  I can see fine with my glasses and there is no distortion with my vision, however, when I'm looking in the mirror and turn my head slightly...it appears that the side of my face towards the outside of the lenses is indented.  I'm wondering what is causing this (I assume how the light is being bent) and/or how I can prevent this.  The only way I've found to reduce this effect is to order frames that are too narrow for me and then that causes it's own set of problems.

Hopefully this makes sense, I have a photo but no way to attach it.

Thank you for your help
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That is likely from induced refractive effects when looking out of the side of your glasses (pincushion or barrel effect depending on whether you are nearsighted or farsighted).  Nothing you could really do about it except make sure you get the highest index (thinnest material) glasses and get them made smaller (like you suggest) if you are very nearsighted.  Oh, and stop looking at yourself in the mirror with your head tilted :).

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