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Cost of restor multifocal lenses

Why can't I get the cost of multifocal lenses without going to the Doctors office for evaluation? I have already gone to for two evaluations and told that I am a candidate for lenses when I have my cataract operation. I have talked to people that
have had cataract operations throughout New England.
The prices are not uniform in price, How do I find a listing of the prices that a surgeon gets in a particular state or  surrounding states.
thanks, Jack499
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Seems anyone who can afford a multifocal is a candidate for one.  Beware...
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You really need to do more research before signing up for ReStors.  (Try typing "ReStor" in the search box at the upper right corner of your monitor, focusing on the 2009 threads.)  There are many very unhappy ReStor patients posting on this forum.  If you've thoroughly researched the topic and still want ReStors, then you'd have a much better chance of getting a good outcome with a surgeon is is very experienced with this multifocal lens.  This is definitely not the time to go with the surgeon who charges the lowest fees.
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As JodieJ has stated above, you don't really want to choose a surgeon based on price.
However, just because they charge you more doesn't mean they are the best.  One of the things to look for is how much time they spend with you on your consultation.  The more time, the better.  Of course there are many ways to gage a surgeon but price should not be one of the considerations.
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My intention of getting prices is for comparison of the higher and lower  quotes,  and to do a search of the patient reactions, at these levels. I personally have talked to people in Maine who have had similar implants by their local surgeon, and are very happy with his "work". Their per eye cost for their iol  implants was considerably less expensive, than in Ct. Is there a chance of price fixing when it comes to iols? Thanks, Jack
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I can't imagine that the Connecticut cataract surgeons all get together to fix prices on ReStor IOLs.  Probably the cost is less farther away from major metropolitan areas.  (Are the prices of houses in your area the same as they are in Maine?  Probably not.)  You should look for an experienced, board-certified cataract/refractive surgeon who has used ReStor IOLs hundreds of times, with good results.

Be aware of the problems with ReStor, including glare and halos which may limit your ability to drive at night, reduced quality of vision (loss of contrast sensitivity due to dividing light between different zones), blurred intermediate vision, lengthy time needed to adapt to multifocal vision.  If you develop retinal problems as you age, your ReStors may have to be removed and replaced.  It's just my opinion, but I think that the Crystalens HD is a superior product if you really want to pay a surcharge for "premium" IOLs.  
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Isn't the medical profession one of the culprits being accused of high medical costs as Congress attempts to recover 500 million from Medicare?  Since I went on Medicare, the doctors seem to schedule me more for tests and office visits. A lot of expansion and promotion in my area  for iol lenses as well as Lasik surgery. How can they staff these offices with experienced surgeons,? They have to start somewhere.
Are the new surgeons operating under the reputation of the more experienced doctors in the office?
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