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Could an inferior oblique overaction cause dizziness?

I have been having bouts of dizziness for the past 2 years. I have seen a neurologist, an ENT, and a cardiologist who couldn’t find anything wrong with me.

I began to notice that my episodes of dizziness are accompanied by a strange tugging sensation in my left eye. It feels as if my left eye wants to shoot up and in. I also noticed that my dizziness significantly improved when I closed my eyes. I saw optometrist who noticed that my left eye tended to shoot up in right gaze, especially when looking up. She sent me to a strabismus surgeon who said it was about a +2 inferior oblique overaction. The surgeon said that because I don’t have double vision that I am not likely a candidate for surgery, and said that she hasn’t seen a case of inferior oblique overaction as a cause of dizziness.

Has anyone ever heard of this type of strabismus causing dizziness?
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No. If it was the cause you would see double and closing one eye would solve the problem immediately.
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Thanks Dr Hagan. I was sort of expecting that answer. I’m starting to think the dizziness is some weird manifestation of stress- I suppose anxiety can present in all sort so of ways.
most medical centers have a 'dizzy' clinic because there are so many causes. Given how long you have had it and how many physicians you have seen, its not likely something serious is causing it
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