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Cranial Nerve Eye Pain Following Cataract Surgery

I am two months post op for cataract surgery in my right eye, having had a Restore IOL implant.  I am experiencing fairly severe pain which I would describe as a nerve pain on the right, lateral side of the eye socket.  This pain is NOT a stabbing pain.  It is a severe, constant ache in which I find myself pressing on the right side of my socket to bring some relief.  I have tried Excedrin, Ibuprofen, and ice packs for relief.  I find myself looking at the clock to allow myself the next Excedrin, etc.  These solutions only take off the edge of the pain.  It seems to be most intense right where the cranial nerves are attached to the eye socket.  I was on the usual regimen of drops post surgery for four weeks.  It was not until after the drops were discontinued that I noticed any pain at all.  It is worse on some days than others.  Last night, it kept me awake.  After another post op appointment a week ago, the surgeon suspects I have "post op inflammation" but did not put me back on any drops in the hopes it would resolve itself.  It seems to be getting worse to the point of not being able to function normally.  I am also trying artificial tears to determine if dry eyes is causing the nerve pain.  I am getting fairly concerned that this is not going to get better.  I am not sure I can live with this level of pain daily.
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This is not usual.  You should get a second opinion and full evaluation to see what the source of the pain is.  Other things could cause pain and one would want to be sure there is nothing else going on.

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