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Cross Eyed Vision

About 7 months ago I started having these episodes where it appeared I was looking crossed eyed. Although it only lasted a few seconds and was just now and then, it concerned me. I brushed it off with I was under a lot of pressure and stress.  However, over the past 7 months the episodes has gotten more frequent and lasting several seconds now.  I have tried to journal when the episodes were occurring, but they are so frequent and random. I could be on my computer, watching TV, talking to someone, or just walking.  They happen at all times of the day.  I even took two weeks off from school (online) because I thought it was because of me being on the computer so much; and the vision issues did not change.

I'm a 33 year old female and the cross eyed vision just started suddenly 7 months ago but is more and more frequent, like it’s getting worse.  There is no pain, but my eyes are tired and strained, I do get nauseated, off balance and it’s embarrassing when talking to someone and I have to close my eyes because they look funny through my cross eyed vision.

I have seen and optometrist, ophthalmologist, neurologist (MRI done), chiropractor and an endocrinologist; who all have provided clean bill of health.  Chiropractor stated that I have some vertebras that are not aligned so I’ve been seeing the chiropractor for about 3 weeks, but vision still not any better. I’m desperate so I’m still seeing the chiropractor. So I took all my records to a new family care doctor in hopes he can help me… he puts me on an anxiety medication which is not helping.  I do not want to come across as a hypochondriac, but I’m very worried and scared.   What if this issue starts when I’m driving?  The vision issue is affecting my everyday life.

I need suggestion on what to do now… HELP!

This discussion is related to Sudden Cross-eyed Vision NOT double vision.
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Non of the nerves that make an eye cross or related to vision are in the back so the chiropractor sessions are not going to help.

You might have spasm of accommodation. My suggestion would be to see a neuroophthalmologist. Likely your neurologist can referr you or you can go to www.geteyesmart.org and find a neuroophthalmologist.

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Thank you so much for replying Dr. Hagan.  I will work on getting my MRI results and other medical records together from my primary care doctor so I can take it to a neuroophthalmologist.

Any more suggestions or ideas are greatly appreciated.
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Nothing more. Good luck. JCH MD
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This same thing happened to me yesterday. Driving on the freeway and out of nowhere my vision became blurred. I tried quickly shaking my head to snap out of it but no luck. I pulled to the side of the road and continued to shake my head and open & shut my eyes but my vision was still blurry. It felt nore like it was cross eyed than blurry. I covered one eye at a time to see if it was a problem with one or the other. Each time i covered an eye i was able to see clearly ... but uncovered i became cross eyed again. It finally shook off after 1 minute or so. For the next 20 minutes my eyes felt a bit unstable, kinda like they were weary maybe. They feel fine today.

I'm 55, male, active and very heathly, no meds and blood pressure is normal. Headaches occasionally but nothing serious. My first thought was a mini stroke but don't think so after reading the original blog and comments. Man, i was scared though, luckily it was daylight and i could make out a path to the shoulder ... nighttime might have been a different story. . I'll keep this blog posted if it happens again.
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Please read the 2/11/13 posting with recommendations above. JCH MD
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