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Crystalens IO lens A50

One year ago, January 2012, I had this lens installed due to a cataract.  My sight was amazingly vivid.  I had the YAG procedure performed by the same surgeon 4 months later because it was highly suggested.  I don't remember seeing two diagonally opposed lines (streaks) emanating from car  lights, brake lights and street lights prior to the YAG procedure.  I had LASIK surgery to re touch up my vision approximately two months later.  It's been almost 7 months post LASIK and even though my daytime vision is great in my one eye with the Crystalens, I'm still seeing these streaks of light off bright lights at night.  My Surgeon indicated that the Crystalen lens is synthetic and not as perfect as my natural lens.  She suggested drops which I took but to no avail.  I was told there is no fix, no glasses for this and perhaps with time it will go away.  I am due for my left cataract to be removed but am unsure if having another Crystalens replacement is my best option since driving at night has become extremely difficult.  BTW, I am in my fifties and in good health.  Any suggestions or similar experiences with corrective action would be appreciated.
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I would be concerned about it being too risky to remove such lenses for fear of complications (especially after YAG).  Have you tried tinted glasses at night to decrease the glare.  I would try any corrective measure you could think of to try and live with it.  Unfortunately these type of symptoms sometimes occur with the Crystalens.

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