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Crystalens and blurred vision

I'm a senior (71) that had Crystalenes at the time of my cataract surgeries in October and November 2008. While I can work on the comuter and at times, can read without glasses, I always seem to have a light sensitivity. Coupled with that I have blurred vision for intermediate and distance, so much so that reading traffic signs is extremely difficult.Whenever I venture out in the daylight, I must wear sunglasses because of the brightness. At night, I get a lot of glare from headlights & streetlights.
My intermediate and distance vision were great before the surgery.
Prior to the cateract surgery the doctor asked what I do and I told him I am retired but I am a photographer for my community and take thousands of photos in a year. I use Photoshop to work on my photos. He told me the Crystalens would be the best for me. I would not need glasses at all and that colors would be much improved. The cost would be  $5200 total for both eyes.
Within several weeks of the surgeries, I told the doctor the eyes were so blurry that perhaps he should consider explanting the lenses. He replied that he has never explanted a Chrystalens and was hopeful of working with me to resolve the problems I was having.
Now, after several months, I have no improvement. The doctor had two reps from Chrystalens at the office to check my eyes. No one can find anything wrong with the lenses and the doctor says my eyes are healthy.
Now he has me on lubricating drops for the last couple of months. They don't seem to do anything for my eyes.
The doctor says to come back in EIGHT MONTHS!
I am not happy, yet I am agreeable to give my eyes more time. He has not yet suggested glasses since he is hopeful the eyes will adjust or correct themselves. He did mention that I am now nearsighted.
A friend has told me that I should get a second opinion, yet I have confidence in this eye doctor. Also, I have given him a lot of money that i borrowed. How do I start with another doctor at this point?
Question:  Has anyone dealth with blurred vision for months after the procedure? Also, was it resolved and how?
Thank you for any input you may have.
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You need to get a second opinion.

You can get blurred vision months after surgery.  There is usually a cause.  If after drops the vision improves then tears, plugs, omega3s, and Restasis may help.  You were told that you are nearsighted then you should have good reading vision.  If a it is a small amount a yag laser may decrease the nearsightedness.  PRK or LASIK can eliminate the nearsightedness but the near vision would be worse.  

Your light sensitivity may be related to inflammation.   The glare from headlight at nigh may indicate capsular haze which should respond to a yag laser.

Go to the crystalens website and type in your zipcode, I believe it is 07719.

There are three doctors listed as Center of Excellence.  You might see one of them.

Dr. O.
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If you live in Belmar, that is not far from West Chester, PA or Wills Eye Institute in Philadelphia.  My Dr. is Dr. Hneleski, III of Vistarr Vision Center (West Chester).  He was trained at Jefferson Med School and residency at Wills Eyes Insitute.  He did an excellent job with my Crystalens and Restor lenses.  If you're interested, you can make an appt. with him by calling 610-692-8100.  I think he is in his late 30's and has been implanting multifocal IOL's for over 3 years.

Like you, I also see everything more brightly than before.  I will probably also need a Yag capsulotomy at some pioint.  So, whenever I'm outside, especially when the sun is out, I wear sunglasses.  I found that an amber color is best for driving.
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Good luck. I hope your problems are resolved, but it's very likely that your lenses aren't "accomodating" and you either get near or far vision, but not both. The Crystalens claims are FALSE. They do NOT give you all distances.

The blurriness you are referring to may be just because of the nearsightedness. I have one near and one far and both eyes are very blurry in dim light. The YAG surgery destroyed what little night vision I had in one eye and I would NEVER get the other eye YAG'd. I have huge starbursts after the YAG surgery and it did not improve the blurriness at all.

Crystalenses are a lie. I was 47 and did not have cataracts. I wish someone had warned me. Like maybe my doctor. But doctors who use these lenses are given very good incentives to do many unnecessary surgeries and I think that should be illegal.

To them it's money and they enjoy experimenting with new technology. To us, it's our lives. You can't go back in time and undo the damage.
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From what I've read in this forum, there is always the option of replacing the multifocal IOL with a monofocal IOL and then wear glasses.
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Your comments are all appreciated as they provide some insight into possible solutions to my eye problems (blurred vision, etc.).
I will certainly consder getting a 2nd opinion and will continue to do research.
Thank you  all.
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