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Dark Circles!!

Hi, I have very severe dark circles around my eyes! It's getting worst and worst, i'm really self-conscious about it and i notice people are always giving me weird looks. I have so many health problems in my life, skin, bone, etc, you name it, i have it. I have been battling these illness my entire life, it's like i am born to battle illness. I don't know why God chose me to to suffer so many health issues and having this dark circles/eyebags problem is one of the major issues to me now because it makes me feel so ugly and when i feel ugly about myself i'm unable to battle any illnesses because i'm am just so down. I have depression too and it was way before I had dark circles/eyebags, but i was able to fight that and stand sane but now i just want to commit suicide because of my dark circles.

If anyone can help solve this problem, just this one problem, i will be able to handle my other health issues. If not i don't have anymore strength in me left to handle all my health issues when i feel ugly....
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Start with a baseline eye exam by an ophthalmologist. If normal then then ask for a referral to a ocuoplastic surgery to discuss removing the bags. Note it may be purely cosmetic and your insurance may not help. Use the search feature and archies to read about cosmetic creams to hide the circles.

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You might also see a cosmetic dermatologist who is experienced with lasers.  In some cases, laser treatment can reportedly be very effective.
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thanks for the feedback, i'm a little puzzled about something due to the surgery part, you might have an answer. well, i've read that surgery is to remove the fat in the under eyes but does it also remove the dark circles or the darkness will remain there after the fat is removed?
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