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Degenerative myopia

Hello Dr. Hagan. I have a question, I have a degenerative myopia -20 glasses prescription. I started to notice wavy lines and was told that I have split retina.  My question is how does split retina affect vision and what does future hold.  I am 35 years old and very concerned for my future.  If the split gets bad, do you lose your vision?  Thank you so much.
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Not really enough information to answer your question. Generally 'split retina" is called "retinoschesis"  and generally occurs in the peripheral retina and not affect vision and not cause distorted central vision.  A split can also occur in the macular area  macula-schesis and is more serious and often not able to fix. you would need to discuss this with your retina Eye MD.  Most important is to be sure you do not have pathologic high myopic exudative (wet) macular degeneration.
Hello Dr. Hagan.  Thank you so much for your reply.   I went to see the retina specialist because I noticed straight vertical lines as wavy.  Doctors note states, Myopic Degeneration OU with Myopic Retinoschisis Right Eye.  Informed patient that if the distortion gets bad enough, there is surgery option as treatment. However, do not believe patient is near to the point to pursue surgery. Briefly discussed the process of surgery, however, do not recommend at this point.

He did OCT scan and said that compared to 3 years ago it gotten worse. What can happen if Retinoschisis gets bad, what happens to the vision?  I am not sure why I have distortions with Retinoschisis.  

Again thank you so much for your help.
So the splitting (schisis) in in the macular area. That accounts for the distortion.  Monitor daily with Amsler grid in both eyes. If gets worse see your retina doctor immediately  could be schesis getting worse (hard to fix) or myopic wet macular degeneratin which would require VEGF injections.  The last patient I saw this AM was -11 myope with sudden onset of central distortion RE. Macular OCT showed 'wet" type.  At this very instance she is in another part of our clinic getting Avastin injection from our retina specialist.   No good Rx for macular schesis.
Thank you. So based on his note its a macular schisis right? So what happens if Macular schisis gets bad without bleeding? Do you still get the distortions in the vision?  Thank y. Or macular schisis progresses to macular Wet type? Wet type meaning the blood vessels bleeding right?  Thank you very much.
If macular schisms gets bad, will result in more distortions, is that right?  Is it vision threatening?
Alex: there is a limit to what we can do on an internet forum, and rules that MedHelp.com imposes on making diagnosis, treatment, etc. We are not a substitute for your personal physician. I have taken this discussion as far as I can and we are coming back into a circle.  Further information will need to come to you from your Eye MD.  
Thank you so much Dr. Hagan, I really appreciate your advice. I am very worried about my future, that’s why I am asking. Thank you so much.
Good luck.  
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