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Difficulty with change in Prescription Help!

For the past 25 yrs I've had great difficulties getting new glasses as I am unfortunately overly sensitive to changes.  I'm about to throw away more money on another pair of glasses.  
My current glasses that I've been wearing for 10 yrs are (varilux comfort poly/ BC 5)
right:  -4.62 +1.50 x 085 +1.00
left:    -4.50 +1.50x 085 +1.00
The new prescrip is:
right: -4.75 +1.75 090 +1.50
left:   -4.75 +1.75 090 +1.50

Is this a big change and why can't anyone make me the lenses I'm comfortable with?
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There is virtually no difference between the old glasses and the new except the reading and intermediate part of the bifocal have been made stronger  to account for the loss of focus power as you age (presbyopia).

The problem is not with the many optometrists, ophthalmologists and opticians you've seen not giving you the proper prescription the problem is you and your adjustment to the glasses.  There is nothing strange or unsual about your glasses RX.  There is a very small number of people that can't adjust to bifocals, or trifocals, or no line progressives, or large grames or small frames or tilted lens, or lens frame curve (wrap) or certain types of lens like polycarbanate or high index lens or different base curves or coatings such as antireflective.

You may want to look into contacts or LASIK surgery or tell whomever makes your glasses about your adjustment problems and ask them to keep as much the same as possible when you make your choices about new glasses.

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