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I don't understand why my double vision doesn't qualify as a disability. I had severe head trauma as a child which caused nerve damage to my eye. I've been to a strabismus specialist and nothing can be done. The affected eye also has a tilt so while I see two images, one of the images is tilted to the right(imagine two jars and you open the left jar lid slightly, that's how my eyes are fixated) I've endured a life of migraines, exhaustion(from right eye doing all the work), loss of concentration(couldn't focus on school, reading was difficult as I would have eye strain and read the same line over). My good eye is getting weaker in vision and I wear glasses now with a clear left lens as not to strain the left eye. Driving at night has been a nightmare. I started a new job and use a very busy road to get there and home, no other way around it. I will not wear a patch because I won't have my peripheral and that is scary to drive in the dark in, too many headlights and difficult to concentrate. I never told the DMV about my vision because at 18, when I was allowed to get my license, I wasn't going to let anything to get in the way of some freedom. So now that I'm older, my vision getting worse, I'm petrified to drive. If the DMV can revoke my license for having double vision, then why is it not a disability? I'm afraid I'm going to get into an accident. It's extremely difficult to focus on traffic lights, head lights, street signs, street lights, when you see twice as many and half of them are "carbon copies." Should I get a disability lawyer? My eyes have been a roadblock (pun intended) all my life. I'm afraid they are going to get me killed now.
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First of all millions of people are 'gaming' disablity laws and the number of people that could work is skyrocketing.  It will be one of many things that will bankrupt the nation. I agree that double vision should not be a cause of disability.
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I thank you for your opinion. May I ask why you don't feel it's a disability?  Those that don't suffer from double vision can make that statement.

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