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Discoloration around the iris

I'm 17 and have worn contacts since I was 10. I've noticed a brownish discoloration around my iris, in the spot where my contact usually rests. It takes the circular shape as well but it is only located in one portion of my right eye. This discoloration is absent in the left eye. I wear glasses more often now, there is no pain in my eye, and my eyesight has been very poor for a long time. I have also seen 'floaters' for a while but figured it was normal for everyone. I was wondering what it may be. Thank you for your help, whoever may be able to give it to me.
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I'm unclear from your description what this is.  It could be a nevus of the conjuctiva or acquired melanosis of conjuctiva or just a pinguecula.  You just have to see an ophhalmologist to find out what it is.

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