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Distorted peripheral vision

Hey guys, I already kind of know the source of my problem. There's a game I play called Killing Floor 2, and there's one zombie called a Siren that emits a screeching noise and your character's vision gets extremely distorted. I added a picture to show how it looks (although it's worse than it looks because it constantly distorts everything, WARNING there is a lot of blood on the ground if that makes you squirmy). The weird thing is no one else that I played with has this problem. I do wear glasses, the lens thickness is 2.5, but the problem is that after playing the game (and I stopped playing it because I don't want my vision to be destroyed), for about 20 minutes, my peripheral vision is abnormally blurry (obviously peripheral vision is already blurry) but it also seems to be fuzzy and vibrating. This goes away rather quickly. Where I notice is a LOT is when watching TV. This persists for even up to 3 hours after not playing the game. When I watch TV, let's say there's a person talking (like in a documentary). Well, I kind of see them as a split image, like a 3d image without having 3d glasses on. Also, I was watching a tv show and the camera was panning to the left.... This is where it gets very odd. The camera was moving to the left but, and this is hard to explain so bare with me, on the right side of the screen the image kept chopping, and it felt as if my eyes were literally looking at different parts of the screen. I think this might be an easier way to explain. You know how you cover your left eye while looking at a close object, and right after you cover your right eye and it looks like the object moved? It's kind of like that. I can fix this problem by not playing the game but I just want to know what this problem IS, because I never had it before.
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Also the image is kind of what I see when watching TV instead of a normal image. Like the split 3d image part I talked about
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Check out this site about computer vision syndrome

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Thanks for replying. It makes sense that it's Computer Vision Syndrome because I only really notice the problem when looking at TV or a computer moniter.
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Fortunately for the video-playing world prolonged eye use does not cause physical damage to the eye. That's a pretty good article.  Take a break from the game. Every 10 minutes look away from the screen, focus on something across the room or out the window and blink 4-5 times.

Think of it like sitting in a chair for hours on end your joints and muscles would get stiff and sore. So you stand up and stretch.

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Wow thanks a lot for the tips! :)
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You're welcome.
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