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Dizziness and Eye Inability to focus

Hi Doctor,
I am a 26 year old female with no major health conditions, my vision is normally very good and i do NOT weat glasses. this morning I woke up and I felt very dizzy, I had to go to work and tried to concentrate and get there on time, within 20 minutes the feeling had gone away I went through 2 hours and then stopped to have lunch. After Lunch the dizziness came back to poitn I could not walk straight my vision was completely blurry and I could not focus. I tried to rest my eyes and continued for about 30 minutes, my sister came to get me and when she saw me walking  unevenly and asked me to look at her my eyes went to sides and I could not control pupils.  She was going to take me to hospital but it resided and I felt back to normal, 3 hrs later and still feel fine. I want to go to doctor tommorow, any suggestions on type of physician I should see??
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I think a primary care doctor first since you felt so dizzy then second go to an ophthalmologist.  It sounds like it could be something systemic like low blood sugar or low blood pressure or dehydration or maybe some sort of viral infection.  The blurred vison may have just been part of a larger condition. I still think it is important to see an ophthalmologist to see if there is anything wrong with the eyes.  Sorry, I can't be more help but you definitely need to be evaluated.

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