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Do you think I have keratoconus?


I'm a 19 year old male.

I had 20/20 vision about a year and a half ago, now I see 20/40, and 20/25.

Fro myopia I got glasses for -1.00, and -0.75 a month ago.

I am worried about keratoconus because:

I have the following higher order abberations, they have increased noticeably from week to week:

(Pinhole effect reduced them greatly)

Halos around streetlights, rainbow color.
Bright rays coming out of lights.
Streaks of light at certain angles (not often)
Increased glare
Ghosting (vertical, becoming worse over time) Seen on light signs at night, and on TV when white text is on a black background, the color smudges, the double images both up and down are faded, up wards the image is more noticeable and larger.  

Over the weeks my abberations are a bit worse (cellphone ghosting on screen text has gone from a touch above to seperate in a matter of weeks), if not one week, and it ain't getting better. I'm getting worried about it.

During the day none of this is an issue but at night it gets annoying.

Glasses don't fully help it, they do make it better though.

Last month the optometrist said I don't have astigmatism.

Also I got checked for glaucoma last month, my high IOP was due to thick corneas and not glaucoma. If my corneas are "thick" does this rule out keratoconus?

I was also told my eye health was good. (but I still have doubt)

The worry is because:
The higher order abberations are getting worse at a noticable rate
The symptoms look similar to karatoconus
My glasses don't fix it all the way.

My worry is a bit lessened because:
The DR said I have no astigmatism, and I have thicker corneas.

What do you think of my case?
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It doesn't sound like keratoconus (KC). To help diagnose KC you would need at least a topographic corneal map (aka topo). Topo maps show the inferior, usually inferior oblique steepening. Try not to worry too much about this.
Best wishes,
Timothy D. McGarity, M.D.
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